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Video Box Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-11
Quick site rank and complete review of Video Box | Categories: Amateur, Megasites, Pornstar, Video

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gold rank
Our Rating: 99/100

Quality of Content: 25/25

Purchase Value: 20/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 10/10

Content Variety: 10/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 5/5

Images: no

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For VideoBox

User Rating: 72/100 - based on 2042 votes.

Price & Payment Options

DISCOUNT NOTE : You must click on a link on this page in order to get the discount, promo code is already part of the link.

1 Month


Standard price: $15.00 (30 days, recurring at $15.00 / 30 days)

Our Price: $12.00 (30 days, recurring at $12.00 / 30 days)

6 Months


Standard price: $90.00 (180 days, recurring at $90.00 / 180 days)

Our Price: $60.00 (180 days, recurring at $60.00 / 180 days)

12 Months


Standard price: $180.00 (365 days, recurring at $180.00 / 365 days)

Our Price: $96.00 (365 days, recurring at $96.00 / 365 days)

18 months + ROKU


Standard price: $270.00 (545 days, recurring at $270.00 / 545 days)

Our Price: $144.00 (545 days, recurring at $144.00 / 545 days)

Free ROKU player included

There are also special "Channels" that you can purchase, like Vivid, KINK or Evil Angel, all require additional payment.

Tour Promises

The tour of Video Box promises full access to more than 7500 DVDs that you can stream or download without limits and DRM protection. They also note that there are five new ones added to the content every day. One particular thing that I noted in the tour is the possibility of making custom clips for downloading.

My Opinion About VideoBox

This is definitely one bigass porn DVD collection and it is still getting bigger every day. It might be a little bit more on the gonzo side but any true hardcore fan will not mind that a lot, especially since it is dirt cheap.

Video Box is one of the largest online DVD warehouses in existence and the current number of them is even bigger than the one promised on the tour of the site. There are currently just over 8,000 of them so with an average of five full length scenes on every DVD you can expect more than 40,000 of them available on the site. They offer different categories of porn, including all the usual ones like blowjobs, anal, teens and Milfs but also lots of niche content like BBWs and various fetishes.

Since Video Box works directly with over a hundred studios, they get hours and hours of material each day. The site gets five or six new DVDs every day at different times and there is even a counter on the homepage that lets you know in exactly how many hours and minutes the next DVD is arriving.

Video Box has a very nice layout and design that makes navigation a breeze. There are category selection menus on the top and on the left hand side and the top one has additional options like Top Scenes, New DVDs and the complete models list under Stars. The scenes are represented with thumbnails and short info including babes, categories and series name.

When you select a particular scene that you want to see you can do it in a Flash player but you will also see a film strip which allows you to create a custom downloadable clip by setting a start and end point. The download file types are Windows Media Video in three sizes, MPEG4 and iPod/PSP so you are well covered in that department. The video resolution is DVD standard 720 x 480 pixels with an excellent bit rate over 2200 Kbps.

The content on Video Box is not exclusive since the people behind this site do produce their own scenes but gather large amounts of porn from different production houses and offer it to their members.

Final Verdict

Video Box is one of the biggest online DVD collections in the world. If you are looking for exclusive content, you should try another site, but if you want to buy as much porn for as little cash possible – this is the place for you. I also found that the custom clip download option is very useful when it comes to conserving drive space. This is an excellent offer altogether.

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Members Area ScreenShots

VideoBox - screenVideoBox - screenVideoBox - screen

Sample Pictures

VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample VideoBox - sample

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Video Box review scores on other review sites

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This way you can compare them with our rating and make a more educated decision.

Date Site Name Rating
2012-11-30Adult Reviews95
2012-10-10Sawa's reviews81
2012-05-19The Best Porn96

Average score on other review sites : 84/100

User Comments

sanford monosson
2019 Sep 03, 18:38, floral park, ny
wouold like to join but seems there is no entry page. pls advise.

Kreston Reeves
2019 Feb 10, 12:16, Canterbury
Kreston Reeves
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2017 Jan 20, 23:01,

2014 May 18, 03:04,
I love it

2013 Nov 11, 07:12, 308543379

2013 Nov 11, 07:12, 308543379

2013 Oct 21, 12:16, maharashtra
i love sex

2013 Sep 29, 00:16, indonesia
nice fuck

buck woodland
2013 Sep 04, 02:42, usa
mailed in $60 three weeks ago. I still can't get access. No one there is responding to my requests for help.
Jeez . . . never give a grifter cash, eh?

sasi kant prasad
2013 Jul 15, 09:18, ROURKELA (INDIA)

2013 Jul 02, 11:30, india
yes i want

2013 May 15, 02:13,
I just checked their members area as I have an active pass there, they still update like crazy :) Right now there are already more than 15 000 DVDs to download, thats a pretty amazing and unmatched collection.

I know that lot's of people complain about the lower quality of some movies, or that the majority of the movies is the general hardcore you can get elsewhere ... but hey, with that much amount of stuff, from that many studios, how could they possibly stay away from it? On the other hand - how many of you go to some free tube site to watch exactly the same movies in much worse quality and enjoy it? :)

In my honest and unbiased opinion, Videobox is still the best bargain deal there is, you can't get that much content for that price anywhere else. That's why I always keep an active pass to and download movies there pretty often.

2012 Mar 26, 13:02, md sumon dowen
india teen xxx movie

2011 Jan 21, 06:46, sxs
i need to fauk hot girl

2010 Nov 20, 02:57, agra

2010 Oct 26, 14:07, ghjhgj
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2010 Oct 24, 15:43, Mongolia
Hi thanks

2010 Sep 15, 11:50, oxford
it's the best dvd download site there is

2010 Aug 11, 18:41, brooklyn
It is not working. Do the needful

2010 Aug 02, 10:15, 91
Very hot and smart baby

2010 May 31, 02:14, basti
lot of clip

2010 May 10, 01:27, isl
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2010 Feb 19, 23:04, H.P
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2009 Dec 02, 13:00, south
india vgirls are vry hot

2009 Aug 27, 03:27, visakhapatnam
toooooooo sexy

2009 Mar 23, 19:16, london
i like this you know

2009 Feb 20, 04:26, straight
i love porn movies

2009 Jan 27, 05:55, ?
trying to find a video or pics of a girl you called Stephanie
stephanie and mark in kitchen or stephanie sex in a moving a car ect.

2009 Jan 07, 11:02, denmark
I want se real arbic fuck film

2008 Aug 12, 09:42, Ca.
I've bought about a dozen subscriptions over the years. This one is by far the best.

2008 Aug 07, 15:00, oran
yes i love that

2008 Jun 27, 08:00, pk
sexy girls video

2008 Jun 12, 00:58, usa
i have.its too much funny and attractive.once enters dont want to go out

2008 May 20, 23:17, india
why dont u people give free the intial small movies so that v can go further aft cing the quality no matter then u charge 4 that

2008 May 02, 11:15, mn

2008 Apr 27, 17:40, greek
wanderfull one word only

2008 Mar 26, 00:05, laos
I like verymuch

2008 Mar 16, 21:56, karachi

2008 Mar 08, 13:46, UK
slow, slower, Videobox ! From Europe unusable.

2008 Mar 04, 04:34, Finland
Update: Joined for comparison. Videos work perfect and no choppy playback on wmv-videos. Less content but quality wins. Probably one of those 0,0003% of the world's population who gives a damn about these things anyway.

2008 Mar 04, 00:41, Finland
I'm a recent member. Despite the fact someone else from Europe has had problems with speed I have nothing to complain about in that department. Atleast to me 1MBytes/s average is more than enough. Doesn't take that long to download the scenes.

But there's one another thing that keeps me puzzled. Is there something wrong with my own windows or is anyone else noticing choppiness in playback. Like every Nth frame is just cut out - makes the movement and camera spans very unnatural. Atleast my "hand-eye-coordination" isn't having a field-day... more like rollercoaster ride from hell - and in the end one ends up nauseous and puking. If a tad of exaggeration is in order.

I have had nothing similar to that with any other clips in my possession from other sources. Well, maybe few - but that's clearly because of bad encoding settings used.

The thing is... are they screwing things up (intentionally?) at

I'm not going to renew my subscription if this is the case. Which is a real shame - with this price it's otherwise a keeper.

2008 Feb 10, 03:25, uk
a bit more if porn adept dont want to look a bit hooky they need to reduce the score they have given may be ok for the wank yank market but not here in europe

2008 Feb 10, 03:21, uk
absolut shite it is all old stuff and a lot of poor quality stuff and very repetitive

2008 Jan 29, 11:47, Belgium
downloads are extremely SLOW (around 0 to 3 KB/sec if you're in Europe, site is unusable for me... you can't even visit the site anymore at times, not even to log in and cancel your membership !
I don't understand that htis site get that many positive reviews, the content is lame and the speeds are 80's era.

2008 Jan 09, 21:51, vizag
very nice

2008 Jan 08, 20:20, bb

2007 Dec 25, 13:10, india
is supereb

2007 Dec 22, 04:24, UK
This is really not as good as some would have you believe. Yes, the content amount is incredible. But don't you wonder why this amount of content is being offered at such a low price? It's because all the content is tired old porn movies that they couldn't give away if they tried. And to make matters worse, it's all American. So expect annoying girls that can't shut up for 2 seconds (constantly shouting 'Yes baby, right there, just like that, ad nauseum). And let's not forget those annoying music soundtracks that Americans seem to love. There's no European quality porn here at all.
If you want believable lesbian sex from beautiful natural girls, forget this. If you like your porn overacted and fake, and don't know the difference between girl-cum and piss, then this is the site for you.

2007 Dec 13, 06:06, 123
The reveiw here is the absolute TRUTH. Amazing value. I have been a member for the last three months and because the price is so low you just forget about it and visit the site whenever you feel like downloading the new content. This makes it so much better than trying to download everthing in the first month before cancelling your subscription. They even have a straightforward way of cancelling if you want to. The only downside is that it doesn't cater for more exotic tastes and is just your mainstream hardcore.

2007 Nov 27, 10:32, vijayawada
climax croner is my favorite site.

2007 Nov 08, 23:33, pakistan
its my love qute shemale

2007 Oct 30, 10:45, pakistan
hi how r u and wat about u ?

2007 Oct 23, 09:28, uk
Almost unuseable.

2007 Oct 23, 01:29, india
this is a ery execelient site 4 new generation

2007 Oct 15, 08:36, india
never visitrd the site , want now

2007 Oct 13, 22:12, usa
fantastics site here for clips

2007 Oct 07, 22:54, c
very good

2007 Aug 27, 06:20, bangalore

2007 Aug 24, 03:06, india
very much film

2007 Jul 19, 02:44, indore

2007 Jul 12, 07:28, United States
It's a good site, mostly standard porno movies. I prefer more variation than they have. The new Beta version has speeded up the site more. I recommend it. But after a while you get tired of the same standard stuff they offer. Theres a lot of stuff, but much of it is porno as usual and there is not much kink. Fun thing is there are these bunch of nuts who submit reviews. Sometimes that's more fun than the videos! I'd join for a while to experience it.

2007 Jun 16, 02:06, usa
sexy site

2007 Jun 10, 19:31, new york
this site is AWESOME. thousands of dvds arranged by title, studio, star or type of action. each dvd is broken down into scenes which are then broken down into bite size pieces. you can grab the whole dvd, just the scene with the hot chick, or just the bit of the scene where the hot chick gets titty fucked. you can even download and keep it. you can't beat that. and it's legitimate content too, not some 90 second clip of some busted chick who only speaks bulgarian, but full length, high production value dvds. you may not find any vivid girls but there's tera patrick, asia carrera, jelena jensen, jenna haze, you name it.

2007 May 30, 02:09, patna
look sexy,hot,largenipple,beautiful

2007 May 22, 03:03, kerala
i always go on redlight my friend told me your website is very good

2007 May 19, 22:28, Australia
DOWNLOADING PROBLEMS have been FIXED by VideoBox...NO problems to report to report now - Excellent Site, Highly Recommended

2007 May 18, 00:01, Australia
Been a member for 10 months - Excellent Site with Tons of Variety. BUT BEWARE - Download Speeds have DROPPED to as low as 150KB/s & am not getting any help from VideoBox, They say it's the ISP's fault !!. I have cable & have NO PROBLEM withDL speeds anywhere else.

It's a shame because VideoBox offer the BIG 3 (IMO) Large/Varied Content + Unlimited Downloads (No DRM's) + FAST D/L Speeds = EXCELLENT PRODUCT......but now DOWNLOAD SPEEDS are SLOWER - Especially at NIGHT - This makes VideoBox AVERAGE to POOR at best , especially with their recent price rise


2007 May 09, 06:12, jonava
i like it!!

2007 May 08, 12:11, Admin
"Reply to nightbird" : You know, its not that simple. Things you mentioned are pretty much based on personal prefferences and subjective view. What one mi ght find classy and erotic, one might find boring and dull. On the other hand, all of us have similar views on quantity and the type of deal a site offers. From this point of view, VideoBox is a site thats on the top, considering the price and amount of content. And the sheer amount of content also takes care of the various tastes of our visitors, they simply offer enough variety to please everyone. VideoBox is a DVD download site, offering studio produced porn and should be taken as such. Those looking after some special types of adult entertainent, should look elsewhere.

2007 May 08, 04:44, oz
Dear Matuloo - Thank for your reply from which I gather you rate quantity as far more important than content quality, imagination, class, character or erotic appeal.

2007 May 07, 17:55, uk
they look sexy

2007 May 06, 08:16, usa
Can't download anything. I would have speeds of 1.33-3.00 kb/s.
ended up joining 899 and have no problems downloading movie clips at 900kb/sec . Any ideas why I could not do it with video box?

2007 May 03, 04:59, Admin
Reply to "nightbird" : Its simple, first of all the site has 2700 DVDs, none other site has so many. They update with 5 new DVDs daily, again none other site does that. The price has been changed, but now they are back with the cheap $9.95 option, that is way cheaper than any other ite out there with comparable amount of content. On top of that, if you join through my site, you'll get a discount on the DVD quality membership, they offer this option to a few select sites including They have of course many general movies in the mix, but with so many to choose from you simply have to find a ton that you would like. And lastly, the download speed is just fine with me. There seems to be a limit on single file download speed, but when downloading multiple files at the same time the combined speed goes up. I usually download about 5 scenes at the same time and the combined download speed goes up to 300kb per second, which is the maximum my line allows. So I don't really see a reason to not rate the site that high. It's the best offer for the moeny they ask.

2007 May 03, 02:26, oz
Dear Matulo,

Why do you rate this site so high when many of the users complain that downloading is SLOW & price has also increased. Also it seems that the site has just ordinary porn without imagination, class or character!

2007 Apr 30, 02:43, India
This is very Good site for porn movies

2007 Apr 26, 23:37, magelan

2007 Apr 24, 08:55, dfasd
NO NO I want it is good!

2007 Apr 22, 06:58, usa
Normally excellent quality, some dogs, but so much to choose from. There should be more squirting, golden showers. But overall an excellent site. Price for the premium just got raised to $17.95 / month recurring.

2007 Apr 20, 10:09, in.
Lots of different movies but it is only worth the 9.95, for download speeds

2007 Apr 18, 14:46, dagadev
prima was mus ich noch sagen

2007 Apr 02, 17:44, AU

2007 Mar 17, 12:52, egeapt
The good one

Charlie F.
2007 Mar 05, 21:08, Maine
Hate the site and the people who created it... i've met them and i can't stand them.

2007 Feb 23, 23:09, UK
seems an excellent site ...Anyone tell me why the downloads will only play on my laptop and not on my open to all dvd player. Thanks John UK.

2007 Feb 20, 05:25, 0123

2007 Feb 15, 18:28, CA
You should re-review the site cause its price has gone up. Yeah it was a great site for 10 bucks thats why it was great. But now its $24.95 so if the highscore was cause of the price then the score should go down!

2007 Feb 12, 12:13, why
slow as all hell....even with my cable download speeds where 34kbs unlike the 400 that I get from other sites

2007 Feb 02, 22:45, Pak
i like big boobs

2007 Feb 01, 03:48, M

2007 Jan 20, 07:04, UK
This site is unbelievably slow! Dial-up speeds on 8MB broadband - use a download manager or it will drive you nuts.
At time of writing, it is hardly responding at all except for 'severe server error' messages. Worst still, if you contact them you just get a standard reply saying it's their ISP, and they can't do anything about it!

2007 Jan 19, 19:45, Toronto
Super Site

2007 Jan 19, 14:32, American
I think fucking is really funny!

2007 Jan 18, 18:31, Indonesia
sex is my hobby

2007 Jan 07, 11:16, macedonia

2007 Jan 02, 01:12, eng.
this fucking site is bullshit.motherfucker a dogfucker you are

2006 Dec 23, 09:36, 18

2006 Dec 22, 12:44, virginia
For those into STDs, you not only can download movies, but you get free gonorrhea and syphilis from Videobox, the greatest exporters of sexually transmitted diseases on the market today! And to think, only $10 a month! Wow...and this month's special is Anal Warts!

2006 Dec 17, 12:38, ewe
doo you like sex

2006 Dec 15, 00:07, ny
If you like updates of midget videos and othe monstrsities, then this site is for you. I found out the hard way why it was so cheap---lousy videos. I wonder if all you web critics who praise this site (apparently for it's cheap price) have ever actually spent time browsing their video library. The best part of the site is the user (paying customer) comments. Especially the angst and frustration expressed at the latest midget video. Join at your own peril.

Fleshlight Master
2006 Dec 12, 07:51, USA

December 11, 2006 - has updated (increased) their prices.



**NOTE: Subscribers prior to 12/11/06 will continue under the older price plan (as follows) until they cancel their subscription.

BASIC: 1 Month Recurring $9.95. Allows access to High, Medium, and Low resolution.

PREMIUM: 1 Month Recurring $14.95. Allows access to DVD resolution in addition to High, Medium, and Low resolution.



Allows access to High, Medium, and Low resolution only.

The new price plan only applys to new and returning subscribers.

You will choose one of three options:

OPTION 1: 1 Month Recurring $17.95 per month until canceled.

OPTION 2: 5 Month Recurring - 33% off $11.87/month ($59.37 charged every 5 months until canceled)

OPTION 3: 10 Month NON-Recurring - 44% off $9.95/month ($99.51 charged one time only, NO REBILLS)



** Estimated ** (Not shown on website)

Allows access to DVD resolution in addition to High, Medium, and Low resolution.

The new price plan only applys to new and returning subscribers.

You will choose one of three options:

OPTION 1: 1 Month Recurring $25.95 per month until canceled.

OPTION 2: 5 Month Recurring - 33% off $17.16/month ($85.80 charged every 5 months until canceled)

OPTION 3: 10 Month NON-Recurring - 44% off $14.38/month ($143.84 charged one time only, NO REBILLS)


Even with the price increase, is still a great deal.

2006 Dec 01, 21:11, CA
i need a tissue

2006 Nov 27, 02:24, india
i like that tyype of sex

2006 Nov 25, 04:20, UK
Almost in every movie there is a scene with Lee Stone or John West, unwatchable... Peter North FTW...!

2006 Nov 22, 18:36, TX
thats alot of movies

2006 Nov 13, 00:43, Admin
REPLY TO "BERT" : Common Bert, dont try to make me look stupid :) Next time you want to show how inteligent you are, try to re-read my post. I told that the DOWNLOAD SPEED goes up when downloading multiple files. I don't see anything in my post about the internet connection. The site seems to have the line capped, but not per user but per file. So in case you start downloading multiple files at the same time, the combined download speed goes up. Understand? :)

2006 Nov 11, 13:39, nl
Time to clean up your act Matuloo,
Please...using a download manager wont make your internet connection any faster, that´s pretty stupid. Or do you think that if you download multiple files your internet connection suddenly changes? Videobox use a bandwidth limit per user, so when they say there is no download limit they are lying their heads off.
I dont blame them, it´s simple mathematics, if 10 (ten) members with a standard european 24 Mbit/s internet connection (i leave out the USA since they are years behind) would simultaneously download movies from their site they (Videobox) need a 240 MBit/s pipe out.
But hey this is a HUGE site right? Ok so let´s say they have a 1000 MBit/s pipe out, (fat chance i know) then 41 members online would have the benefit of using the service the way they claim.

2006 Nov 10, 18:46, chandigarh
it is one of the most sexxiest........ hhhhhhoooooooooootttttttttttttttt sites in the world

2006 Nov 07, 17:20, CHICAGO

2006 Oct 27, 13:59, uk
shit site

2006 Oct 26, 21:32, hill
fuck you suckers
put your finger in your ass

2006 Oct 26, 03:40, Admin
Reply to REPHLEX : Low download speeds? I usually download multiple files at the same time, using getright or other download manager and I always pretty much max my line. Combined download speed goes over 200 kb per second, which is as much as my line allows. I noted one thing however, download speed goes up when downloading multiple files, try it hat way maybe it's gonna help.

2006 Oct 25, 06:42, e856uy

2006 Oct 25, 02:47, ef
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006 Oct 23, 05:36, UK
Download speeds are the slowest I've ever seen. So slow the content is inaccessible.

2006 Oct 08, 16:50, WA
I'm so happy with this site and stayed membership over 1 year. I even updated my membership to 14.95/month for better DVD quality. Since I've become a member with this site, I did not bother to download some other poor quality video elsewhere. Of course, you have to pay for membership. But it's worth every penny I paid. A truly 5 out 5 rating.

2006 Sep 29, 11:01, ghana
this site is the best in this world

2006 Sep 26, 16:28, south america
Low bandwidth ... one scene can take couple of hours...

2006 Sep 26, 03:38, 000418

2006 Sep 26, 03:37, 000418
is very good

2006 Sep 18, 12:32, dr
I m very haarrrddd

2006 Sep 12, 00:13, blr
verry good

2006 Sep 07, 02:40, ATL
Look no further. If you can't find what you want here--give up! Pure sex--no boring cheap videos. Lesbo, gonzo, anal, DP, straight sex, group, masturbation, you name it--and Videobox has it. $10. My wife and I love it and the video is good enough to put on our 70" DLP TV for sex parties with friends. We have our own sex club with this at home. Stop wasting your time going to $40 sites.

2006 Sep 03, 01:52, UK
Great videos, great value for money

2006 Aug 30, 23:18, spain
i like it...i needed....

2006 May 11, 02:50, US
OH! THe site is very good! Like it

2006 Mar 10, 00:47, Seattle
good selection of gonzo vids..............kudos.

low bandwidth available for dls...........with a 1,5 mps quest and premium msn, only one file could maintain anything over 150 kps.......If you attempt anything like four or five at once, your 150 gets split between the 5, thats 30 kps per and when dling this size movie, that requires planning your wanking sessions days ahead of time. Too much planning i found.
Price was best I have seen........ten bucks a month is essentially free, considering broad band can cost fifty bucks just to log on a month...

2006 Mar 06, 18:25, 313

2006 Feb 27, 11:12, mauritius
this site is very good

2006 Feb 10, 22:06, CA
Great navigation, excellent content, a real super star site!

mr j
2006 Feb 10, 02:35, ny
this is the best!

2006 Feb 09, 16:50, fla
Great site! Gave it a try for $10, not thinking I would find a lot to download - man, was I wrong. This site has "bite-size" downloads so you don't have to d/l 20 minutes of junk for the 1 minute scene you want to watch, plus a choice of high/med/low resolution so you pick how much disc space you want to use. Highly recommend this site.

2006 Feb 03, 15:23, Cali.
it does its job!!!!!!. Thanks.

2006 Jan 29, 01:51, Maurituis
Very good value for money.What is missing is some european hardcore movies with some brunette young chicks.Too many american....

2006 Jan 24, 02:33, eee
Simply the best !

Fast unlimited downloads for only 10 bucks !
They have now more than 600 movies to chose from .

2006 Jan 03, 02:55, Ca
It is very Jizzing!!!

2006 Jan 01, 08:38, El Lay Californicator
Just to add to my previous comments, they are also great at loading in some of the best porn from the 90's so you can remember the good old days and see how the business has changed. They are biased toward anal, but that has made me enoy the view even more when a frantic reverse cowgirl is on the screen. Best part of all, no DRM so once you download, it's yours. I bought a 160 Gig external hard drive that has already been filled up.

2005 Dec 31, 03:39, ny
this is amazing, well worth the price!

2005 Dec 02, 01:11, indonesia
it's great guys

2005 Nov 06, 08:10, USA
This is a GOOD site!!! I had trouble with Deluxe Pass in that the password would never work after signing up and no one helps so I lost my money. The username / password on Video Box (their new name)works perfectly. I like the layout and it is very easy to navigate and has a good price. Pick this site... Stay far away from Deluxe Pass.

spanish scotty
2005 Oct 17, 15:22, spain
2005 - october - (formerly climax corner) now has more than 500 dvd's (1 added every day) - it is truly brilliant. I rip the wmv files and make my own dvds! Brilliant site...

2005 Oct 11, 10:54, El Lay Californicator
Gotta say guys, stop here. You won't find a better deal anywhere. If you rent vids at $2.50 a pop for 2 or 3 days, you're wasting your hard earned money.

This site has 1st class stuff, adds a new vid every day, has no download restrictions and costs only $10 per month. The only problem you might have is running out of hard drive space!

Best part is that they have it set up so you can download your favorite scenes. The front set up interviews, for example, can be omitted and you can go straight to the reason you care.

Yes, I'm enthusiastic about this site because it's the only one that I can say is great, and at a ridiculously low price.

2005 Oct 02, 11:01, UK
Very very good but higher resolution videos and 200k download speeds would make this a 100% site, even it it increased by 50% say. Keep up the great work guys and gals.

2005 Sep 06, 15:55, pakistan
very sexy but if the full video is added to this site free of cost then it is the best

2005 Aug 26, 16:31, CALIF

2005 Aug 07, 13:11, kerala
it's the best aaahhhh

2005 Jun 26, 11:16, Miami
well my GF and I are really porn addicts!! the price was right speed so far is great.. very very impressed

2005 Mar 30, 04:00, india
hello i m dhamu.
i like this site.
it's very sexy & hot too.

2005 Mar 21, 11:33, Georgia
Great price for the content. Does all it promises.

2005 Feb 08, 20:21, Osage city Kansas
hardcore live fucking

2005 Jan 27, 13:17, Admin
Reply to "1234" : Yeah, they could certainly encode the m ovies better, but that would mean much bigger files and not many surfers preffer that. Moreover, many of the porn DVD's are actually remastered VHS movies, thus their quality is not that good.

2005 Jan 27, 13:03, usa
I think your review is accurate but I'm a big fan of excellent video quality and feel that they could have done a much better job that thet have,

Lou Espinoza
2005 Jan 02, 09:53, Alaska
After viewing this site for only an hour, I had to scrape the cum off my shoes! And the best part is the price.

2004 Nov 22, 06:01, CA
Horrible site after 01 Nov 2004. Has network problem, difficult to access the site due to the webmaster. Make sure to save your money and join a better site.

2004 Sep 29, 04:45, SC
If you like movies this is the place and the price is great. I had a technical problem and they emailed me twice within minutes and they give you a name to contact. These people are doing it right, and the material is the best on the net period. For 9.95 US dollars how can you go wrong? You get to KEEP all downloads and they are the best resolution I have found on the net. Thanks

2004 Sep 19, 08:03, croatia
fucking awesome

2004 Sep 12, 12:20, Palm Beaches
This site is absolutely great!

I'm not even a movie fan - prefering pictures instead - but these are so good I am being converted. Like many of you, I run through the usual site after a few days and cancel the subscription because I've pretty much seen all I want to there. Not so with this site. I haven't seen the limits of it yet and there are just hundreds of movies available with specific previews, letting me choose exactly what I want to see or download, without the uninteresting stuff clogging up my computer.

Did I mention it is a BARGAIN!

2004 Aug 21, 13:18, UK
The reveiw here is the absolute TRUTH. Amazing value. I have been a member for the last three months and because the price is so low you just forget about it and visit the site whenever you feel like downloading the new content. This makes it so much better than trying to download everthing in the first month before cancelling your subscription. They even have a straightforward way of cancelling if you want to. The only downside is that it doesn't cater for more exotic tastes and is just your mainstream hardcore.

2004 Aug 05, 03:11, indonesia
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2004 Aug 02, 16:17, UK

2004 Mar 16, 06:57, www
Some of the videos here are a bit old, but for 10 bucks I can not complain at all. Very good navigation and overall site layout. I am a satisfied customer.

2004 Feb 21, 10:27,
cool site lots to choose from

2004 Feb 13, 15:47, sf
this site rocks!

2004 Jan 23, 10:43, CA
Climax Croner is my favorite site, because of it's price :-) I used to buy lot's of porn DVD's before, now I prefer to download them from here. Good site if you are into general porn movies.

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